Services We Provide
I would love to paint a
wonderful and
durable finish onto
your furniture,
floors, cabinets, walls
and even your old  
car or truck to drive
in the next Art Car
Parade! I can design
and build new
furniture for you or
simply repair old
pieces that you have
sitting around the
Concrete slab; sealed
and marbleized, top
sealed with varnish.
24" squares with hand
painted grout lines. A
beautiful dining room
floor. Durable surface!   
Dart Cabinet
Acrylic on pine
with light and
32" by 42"
Drive an
art-car to work!
Past and present
Acrylics on old wooden phone
box, contains shelves behind
glass to hold a small
collection safely
Acrylics on a found headboard 2002
The following photos show an
example of the wide variety of
finishing techniques that I am
able to employ on any type of
furniture. From faux to
impressionism, I can make a
simple furniture piece a real
treasure that can really stand
out in any room!